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Dreaming of Daybreak, track one

Bishops, track ten


Released by Token Boy Records on November 15, 2009

Bosch is:
Christopher Brown - drums, vocals, electronics, percussion, toys
Charles Greenleaf - guitar, keyboards, electronics, trumpet, percussion, vocals, looper, bass
Kevin Sims - basses, guitar, electronics, groove box

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At a Bosch performance, it is difficult to figure out which sounds are coming from where. You get the best clue with Christopher Brown stirring up a softball size hailstorm behind his drum kit. Then between those sizzles and explosions there is a disembodied voice flowing through a dark narrative, spiritual triumph, and everything in between.

It is likely to be the drummer with some instant prose, but it could also be Charles Greenleaf with a mass of loops at his disposal. While darting and bobbing around to Bosch's asymmetric grooves, Charles travels between two keyboards, a sampler, electric guitar, and various types of improvised percussion. All are likely so heavily effected that the sounds still don't reveal their origin.

The bass played by Kevin Sims, rarely sounds like one. He has a host of lopsided loops full of big beats and robot gestation at his disposal as well.

So when you see Bosch live, it is every bit as dislocating as their writhing, ear-tunneling debut titled simply Bosch. This album is a thirteen track warp speed flight, and occasional freefall through the pools and eddies of the collective consciousness.

Although Bosch never plays the same song twice, unfamiliar ground is illustrated vividly enough to keep you anchored into the next change - which could come several seconds or several minutes later. As sounds fly up through the edges of personal experiences, and slowly ooze out of gravity itself, Bosch seldom reveals their origin.

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